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Retriever Malin and Bob
After about a year of fruitless efforts, & hours searching the internet for answers, we were fed up with our two crazy cats & their bad behaviour. Despite both being neutered, they began sporadically peeing in shoes, in the bathtub, on clothing, bedding or basically anywhere you would never want your cat to pee. We called Dorothy and within one visit she had given us some tips that literally eradicated the problem. She showed us that we needed to understand why the cats began behaving this way in the first place and that just a few simple changes could make a world of difference in our cats' happiness. It's been well over a year and we have never since had any issues with our cats. Thanks Dorothy - Our house if finally clean again!

Jody and Charlie Black

Retriever Ziggy and Clara
Before I met Dorothy life with my dogs was becoming very stressful. They were basically unmanageable on walks. Walking on their leashes was manageable, but whenever we encountered another person or other dogs they would be lunging at those dogs and people. It was embarrassing. It got to the point that when I saw a person coming towards us I would cross the street to avoid having to walk past them. The other problem was that they are two very strong dogs – one weighs about eighty pounds and the other one around sixty five. Together, they weigh more than I do and when they decided to pull there was very little that I could do. One day, there was a Doberman across the street from us and my dogs decided that they really wanted to get over to see that dog. They almost pulled me across the street. In addition to the problems with them while out walking they also did not like people coming into our house and I could not trust them. It was so frustrating. Both dogs were awesome with me, my husband and my two sons but really aggressive with other people – more out of fear than anything else. We decided that it was time to get them some help because as hard as we tried, nothing was getting better. In fact, their aggression seemed to be getting worse. So I went on the internet and looked for a behaviourist. Lo and behold, I found Dorothy. She came out to our house and met with us and the dogs. After four hours at our house where we discussed everything about the dogs` lives we decided to have her help us out for four months. She gave us some things to do with the dogs and we started immediately. She also sent us a detailed email that gave us more suggestions. What I really liked is how she explained everything to us so that we not only understood what to do but why we were doing it. All of the suggestions that she gave us were easy to put into action. Giving treats when we approached people and dogs on our walks was simple to do but caused big changes within a month. We can now walk by other dogs, people, bikes, skateboards, etc. and neither dog will lunge, growl or anything. A simple thing like giving treats has made such a big difference. I can take them jogging with me now and walking is so much more enjoyable. I actually get comments from other dog owners about how well behaved they are. We can walk past a dog that is lunging and barking at them and they just keep right on walking, looking at me for their treats. It is such a good feeling! We continue to work on getting the dogs to trust people but it is much better. When my son`s friends come over there might be a bit of barking but what used to last for 5 – 10 min. now lasts for about 10 seconds, which is a huge improvement. Additionally, they are not behaving aggressively towards people. They get their treats from the person and will be wiggling and wagging their tails. It is still a work in progress but with Dorothy`s guidance I know that we will get the dogs to the point where they will be able to trust people and I will be able to completely trust them when they around other dogs and people. Thank you Dorothy for all of your help with our dogs!

Melissa Collins and family

Melissa Collins

Retriever The miracle Has Happened!
Dear Dorothy,

The miracle has happened! For the first time, without coaxing or encouragement, Pistou has gone into his crate on his own, laid down in his bed and gone to sleep!

When you came to our home 6 months ago to help us with our problem mini-Poodle, we were at the end of our rope with him. We’d seen our vet and other specialists, tried 2 or 3 different medications and still, he was waking up from a sound sleep snarling and biting as if he was having a seizure.

We were so impressed with you when you came to our place to evaluate him! You spent so much time with us and asked so many questions, it was obvious that you were interested in finding out all you could in order to help us deal with our unusual situation, and Pistou’s uncommon aggression towards us and our other 2 dogs.

The instructions you left us with, and your support via email in the months after your visit, were just the keys we needed to deal with Pistou. Your suggestions were easy to put in place and maintain, and we can really see the difference in his behavior.

We have shared your name with our veterinarians and anyone else we know who is having difficulties with their cat or dog. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us and helping us to learn to manage Pistou’s difficulties. We’re all much happier for what we learned from you.

Sincerely, Tom & Dawn

Tom and Dawn

Retriever Beebop and Boobun
House soiling
I would highly recommend Dorothy's services to anyone having issues with their pets. Our two cats were having issues with littering on our leather sofas in our living room. I contacted Dorothy, set up a phone appointment online and got a call from her during the booked time. She listened to the problems, analyzed the issues and made recommendations which were easy to put in place. The problem was solved IMMEDIATELY after I put the recommendations in place! I would highly recommend her services!

Diana Wang-martin

Retriever Tails From Greece Rescue
Having known Dorothy for several years I'm delighted to provide a reference for her new animal behavioural assessment service. Being involved with animal rescue, I've used Dorothy's services, even before she graduated, and find her to be a very confident and capable individual. Always professional and only a phone call or email away to answer any questions. Dorothy seems to have been given a special gift as she's a natural at assessing a dog's behaviour and developing a program for the issues at hand. Dianne Aldan Tails from Greece Rescue Toronto, ON

Diane Aldan
Toronto and area

Retriever Referring Veterinarian

I have been referring clients and their pets to Nathan Penny and Animal Behaviour Services for a number of years. Their services have been timely, efficient and rewarding to all concerned. I have referred cases from uncontrollable barking to separation anxiety manifesting in destructive activity. My clients have received valuable and successful guidance from Nathan. I would recommend Animal Behaviour Services if you are experiencing any animal behaviour concerns and I will continue to refer my clients for many years to come.

Dr. Greg Usher
Toronto Veterinarian

Retriever "Sky"

When we adopted Sky, our 2-year-old Australian Shepherd, from the Humane Society almost three months ago, we didn't quite realize what we were getting into. Although he showed some signs of timidity, we were prepared to work with this and it didn't seem too severe, as he very quickly bonded with us (happy and licking my face all the way home in the car!) and seemed quite at home going for walks on busy streets and at the park. About a week later we realized we had a big problem on our hands!

It started with a little snarl at a woman who passed close to him, and with another woman on a different day. Then he barked at a dog he didn't seem to like. Another day a man approached us on the sidewalk and he was out of control barking and lunging - this didn't seem like the dog we were coming to know! First we thought it was older women he didn't like, then maybe people with parkas, then we realized it was everyone and everything!

We started calling around to trainers to help us with Sky's behaviour problems and thankfully came across a very smart trainer who owned a dog who was the same breed as ours, and who had experienced a similar fear aggression problem with her dog. With all that training experience, including exactly the same problem as we were experiencing, with exactly the same breed of dog as ours, she referred us to Nathan at Animal Behaviour Services. We decided that was about the best referral we could get! While some of the other trainers we contacted offered us various plans for private behaviour lessons, Nathan seemed the best choice in terms of experience, consistent advice, convenience and finances. The email and phone follow-up included in the initial consultation was what definitely convinced us.

In the short time it took to get our appointment with Nathan, our life with Sky outside our home was quickly becoming unbearable. A perfectly well adjusted, affectionate and friendly dog at home with us, he barked uncontrollably the moment we stepped outside the house at the slightest distraction. Walks had become impossible, we couldn't sit with him in the backyard as he barked ferociously at the neighbours, and we spent our time and energy scouting the park across the street to see if it was empty of all people and dogs so we could exercise him! We were definitely getting a reputation in the neighbourhood as the people with the crazy dog!

After our first visit with Nathan we felt greatly reassured. Nathan was professional and knowledgeable and came up with a graduated treatment plan based on Sky's individual reactions and manifestations. He taught us how to teach him that the world was okay. We started working with Sky first with visitors inside our home, then with the world at large from our backyard, and then we graduated to the park and the streets. The results were both amazing and amazingly fast! At every step of the way we would consult with Nathan, informing him of Sky's progress and he would provide us with the next steps to continue his improvement. Within about two months we had a reasonably well-adjusted and portable dog who could receive visitors in our home comfortably, go for walks on busy city streets and greet dogs in the park. What a relief, we could enjoy and have fun with our dog! Now, three months later, Sky goes everywhere with us - he has gone with us to work, the vet's office with our cats, he is hanging out and even playing with the dogs at the dog park, and he has made several human friends! People we meet keep commenting on how well-behaved and sweet he is, none of them suspect where he was at just a few months ago! He is still timid and shy, and it will probably take a while for him to get over that, but he is letting strangers pat him and never reacts with aggression. We do still monitor his comfort level and make sure he doesn't feel trapped or overwhelmed, but overall he is a different dog than he was when we got him. We don't know how we would have got through this without Nathan's expertise and patience. We are happy to say that we made the right decision going to Nathan, and that our dog is the proof of that!

Cindy & Francis


Hello Nathan,

It has been a year since we adopted Sky and had our initial appointment with you and I wanted to say thank you for the excellent advice and service you provided throughout this past year. Sky is a different dog from the one we adopted from the Humane Society and we are very proud of his progress. He is doing amazingly well in agility (in fact he seems to have found his calling!), is great with other dogs, and is getting better with people all the time. We just had him at the vet and he did very well for his examination, a little frightened but nothing like last year when we had to sedate him. In fact, he had to go for some x-rays and I sent him back with the vet tech with a muzzle on just in case, and when he was done he came out with a different tech with no muzzle - she had taken it off because she didn't understand why he had a muzzle on since he did so well on the x-ray table and also getting injections. When we told her about his history and the work we had done with him she was very suprised! We have also added another Aussie - 6 year old Max - who we adopted from the Australian Shepherd Rescue, in part thanks to your letter of recommendation. Max is incredibly laid back and social, a good balance to Sky, and they are getting along famously - we have had no issues whatsoever.

All this is to say thank you, a year ago we couldn't have imagined being in this place with Sky. I have recommended you to several people, and although I don't know if any of them has called you, I will continue to recommend your services to people who could benefit. I see people struggling with behaviour issues and wonder why they don't come to you for some proper advice! So, once again, thank you, and although we hope not to need your services again, if the need arises we know where to turn!

Cindy & Francis

Retriever "Naima"

Naima, our beloved cat, had become aggressive towards us after a confrontation at a window with a neighbourhood cat. After a weekend full of attacks we were not even able to get near our cat or see anything of our old pet in her. We brought her to the vet for advice and help but left feeling distraught and desperate as we were told there was little chance she’d ever return to being our old loving cat again. After a sleepless night we found Nathan’s information online and contacted him. We set up an appointment and Nathan came out to visit. After a very thorough discussion of all incidents in Naima’s history we were given a plan to follow. We followed Nathan’s advice and were soon able to interact happily with our cat again. Months later and another aggression incident arose and we were back to square one! Again, Nathan walked us through the situation and gave us very helpful information on dealing with Naima’s behavior. Throughout the past nine months we’ve been through several situations with our cat and aggressive behavior. Having Nathan’s support and advice for that time has been invaluable. Over those months Nathan has passed on information to us that has helped us work with our cat daily on her behavior. When we see signs of aggression or any other behavior issues arise in Naima, we now have the knowledge and skills to handle her calmly and effectively. We can happily say that we now have a loving, happy, healthy cat that snuggles, purrs, sleeps and plays with us again! We may still encounter issues with Naima in the future, but most importantly we feel empowered by our experience with Nathan and able to work with any situations thrown at us. We cannot thank Nathan enough for his help and support throughout these past nine months!! What amazing help at a time when we needed it more than ever!

I really hope this helps you for your website, Nathan. Naima is, for the most part, so very happy and playful daily and we are thrilled! From time to time she will get grumpy or show signs of the beginning of aggression but we really do seem to know how to deal with it now on our own and can’t believe how effective your methods have been. We are so, so glad to have our little dear pet back! I get teary thinking about the first time I called your offices and how far we’ve come since then. Gavin and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and please keep up the amazing work helping families like us!

Leigh and Gavin

Retriever "Hadden"

Hadden was rescued from a pound in Ohio and came to me as a foster dog. A Treeing Walker Coonhound, he was most likely an abandoned hunting dog. Hadden arrived at my house completely terrified; it quickly became clear that he had never lived in a house before and had not been well socialized with people. While he was nervous and shy inside the house, he was almost unmanageable outdoors on walks, barking and lunging constantly as scents drove him crazy. After a few months things took a turn for the worse. Hadden started growling and lunging at people we passed on walks and took a particular dislike to one of my neighbours. I bought him a muzzle and we never left the house without it. I pondered Hadden's future; clearly, he was not adoptable like this, if ever. Should he be put down... I decided to give him one last chance by getting him evaluated by a qualified professional. This is where Nathan came in, who had been highly recommended by another rescue.

When Nathan came to meet us, the first thing I noticed was that he really listened. He took the time to find out every detail about Hadden's background and behaviour, took lots of notes and asked questions. He went on a walk with us to see Hadden's behaviour for himself and show me how to handle it. Finally, after some deliberation, Nathan told me that there was hope for Hadden!

The very next day I received a detailed, clearly written treatment plan that laid out exactly how I was to proceed, and I set to work. Every week I sent Nathan an e-mail reporting our successes or failures and received an answer back immediately with new instructions and always support and encouragement. When something didn't work as planned Nathan was quick to come up with a modification or alternate approach, and he was always willing to accommodate my personal preferences and shortcomings as well as patiently answer my questions. It has been many months and there has been huge improvement. Hadden no longer wears a muzzle, he knows that strangers on walks predict the arrival of yummy treats, and he now wags his tail in friendly anticipation when he sees my neighbour. The relaxation techniques that Nathan is teaching me are turning Hadden into a calmer dog who is much more fun to walk. There are still issues to work on but there is constant improvement and most importantly, I understand much better what makes Hadden tick. Nathan even thinks that Hadden may soon be ready for adoption to a special home that understands his needs...

As my consultation period with Nathan continues I am getting more and more impressed by the quality of the service he provides. Not only does he have amazing insight into dog behaviour, he is able to communicate it clearly both in writing and over the phone. He is truly committed to teaching the owner as well as the dog - he understands both dogs and people and knows how to motivate both! He is 100% accessible after the initial consultation and immediately answers every e-mail or phone call (anyone who has ever been frustrated by people not returning calls will appreciate this as much as I do!). The only regret I have is not consulting Nathan sooner!

Uta, Canadian Hound Rescue

Retriever "Kuga"

This is just a quick note to thank you very, very much for your excellent advice regarding Kuga. He really is a reformed kitty these days and, aside from appreciating the fact that we can return home to a house that is not reeking of Eau de CatP every night, we're also very pleased to notice that he seems to be far happier all round.

Many, many thanks for all your invaluable advice, e-mails and patience. We particularly appreciate the fact that your interventions were humane and would highly recommend you to anyone with a pet experiencing behavioural problems. Your solutions were excellent!!


Retriever "Harley" and "Arizona"

Our two family dogs, Harley (male, 7 yr old border collie/australian shepherd cross) and Arizona ("Zona" female, 4 yr old yellow lab) - both adopted from the humane society when they were 1 year old respectively - are very well loved, have been to various obedience classes, can do lots of tricks and training commands, and are little angels inside the house.... but they drove us absolutely crazy outside the house on walks. As a family that is very experienced with dog training (from basic obedience, to show-dog training, to canine citizenship) it was rather embarassing and exceedingly frustrating to struggle to control Harley and Arizona around other dogs. It was even more frustrating that Arizona continued to try to drag me down the street instead of heeling after two rounds of obedience class. Other dogwalkers would turn and walk quickly away if they saw my dogs approaching... we were the unofficial bullies of the neighbourhood. Walking the dogs was an unenjoyable chore, rather than a relaxing and fun experience.

But do we really need professional help? Shouldn't we be able to handle this !?!

Well are we ever glad that we decided to call Nathan Penny. Even very experienced, "dog-people" can misinterpret their own dogs' attitudes and problems. We thought Harley was our little angel and that Zona was the source of all trouble...... well Nathan was able to quickly uncover Zona's simple issues and focused the rest of the session on Harley! Turns out our little devil (Zona) was a field-dog (e.g. bred to work) and desperately needed more exercise and our little angel (Harley) was presenting fear aggression. Thanks to Nathan we were able to work through all of our big issues (agression towards other dogs, poor healing, recalls, poor manners with strangers and doorbells) and our little nagging issues as well (such as what collar and leash to use, how to get harley to eat his whole dinner, and how to generally live more happily with our dogs). Nathan was always very understanding, non-judgemental, and responded to our inquiries quickly and in detail. His training methods focus on positive reinforcement which makes it enjoyable for dog and trainer to learn new skills. The knowlege we gained will go on to raise many more happy and welladjusted dogs.

So EXPEREINCED DOG OWNERS, it is okay to reach out for professional help - you can only improve!

Both Harley and Arizona are now doing excellent. Their leash behaviour has improved amazingly. Both heel very nicely on a slack lead and do not act aggressively towards other dogs. They have improved on many fronts, and I have personally improved on many fronts as well through the process of training them. Everyone in the family (humans and dogs... and visitors!) is so much happier and actually enjoy taking the dogs for a walk! haha. Thanks so much for all your help Nathan :)

Heather and the rest of the Davis Family

Niagara Region

Retriever "Leroy"

I am writing to recommend Nathan Penny at Animal Behaviour Services Inc.

I have several pets including a 13-year-old cat named Leroy. My husband has been in the picture for many years, but not as long as Leroy. I love Leroy very much and I often fall asleep with him in my arms.

Our problems when we moved into our new home two years ago. Leroy started urinating in certain spots around the house instead of in his litter box. We took Leroy to the vet, who said there was nothing physically wrong with him. The urinating continued to the point where we had to replace a portion of our floor and sub floor not once, but twice, in an area that couldn't be sealed off.

Months went by and I kept thinking that things would get better. But they didn't. I tried just about every gimmick on the market to get Leroy to stop urinating on the floor. I read about feline behaviour. I asked for help from people we knew in the pet industry. Nothing worked. We gated Leroy upstairs to keep the mess confined to a smaller area. He destroyed our upstairs wall-to-wall carpeting with urine. About a month ago I realized that my home had become a giant litter box, that there was conflict between me and my husband, and that I couldn't stand it anymore.

I had heard about specialists in animal behaviour, but I'd never seriously considered hiring someone because of the cost involved. I was desperate for help and contacted Nathan Penny after finding him on the Internet. Nathan spoke with me over the phone, suggested what the problem might be, and told me how to fix it. I implemented his plan the next day and Leroy hasn't peed outside the litter box since!

We've opened the gate that kept Leroy upstairs and he now has full access to the house. He's visibly happier and even more affectionate than before. He's the cat I fell in love with again. My husband even admitted that he liked Leroy the other day, which is pretty amazing.

I can't believe I hesitated at hiring professional help when I ended up spending hundreds of dollars on pet store products and new flooring for my house. I am very grateful to Nathan for finding an immediate and inexpensive remedy for Leroy's behavioural issues. Nathan's advice saved my cat, my marriage, my floors, and my sanity - in less than 24 hours.


Retriever "Harrison"

When my wife and I were faced with an escalating behaviour issue with one of our dogs we were encouraged to give Nathan Penny a call. We met with Nathan and the 'family' (we have four dogs, another story) for an indepth discussion/assessment and were immediately impressed with his perspective and insigths. After our visit we received a written summary of his conclusions along with a series of recommendations. There is no question that the advice we received made a significant difference in our pet's behaviour and, perhaps more importantly, we had a whole new level of understanding of our pets. We would encourage anyone who feels at a loss with a behaviour problem to reach out for Nathan. There is no question his approach is effective and resulted in both happier owners and pets!

Carolyn and Bruce

Retriever "Apollo"

Prior to the help we received from Nathan, our dog was completely out of control with other dogs. His aggression towards other dogs was so bad we could no longer take him out on a leash unless it was after dark or there was no possibility of any other dogs being around. The stress and strain of trying to cope with this was tremendous. We had already tried one dog "behaviour" person with no luck and which left us feeling skeptical about dog behaviourists. However, we decided to try Nathan's services and we're SO grateful that we did!! With Nathan's knowledgeable and expert help we were able to take our dog out in the real world once again - within DAYS of our initial consultation! I cannot praise Nathan highly enough - his expertise, help and genuine caring for our dog and our situation have been amazing. We're happy, our dog is happy and we're well on our way to living with a dog we can truly take anywhere and do anything with - a true family member.


Retriever "Mascio"

Two months ago l was at my wits end. I have 2 1/2 year old black lab/white shepard. I needed help, he would sit on the furniture lay on the bed , he chewed the furniture, thought the living room was his personal bathroom and a host of other bad habits. I felt sorry for him because he spent most of his time in his cage or was tied up. After two weeks everything changed. All it took was a phone call to Animal Behaviour Services. We meet with Nathan Penny and with his opinions and techniques l have well behaved dog. He now walks the house freely and all his bad habits are gone. I knew he was a good dog I just needed some help on how to make it happen. I am so glad that I made that call it changed our lives.

Thank You Nathan!


Retriever "Cosmo"

It started with a phone call from a friend that helps out in the dog rescue. He said that he had “rescued” a beautiful Shih Tzu on it’s way to the Humane Society. We were told that the lady that owned him just couldn’t handle him, he was such a bundle of energy. His name was Cosmo and he was nine months old. In my mind I pictured a little old lady struggling to just walk by herself, and a little puppy to train would be just too much. We had a Shih Tzu for sixteen years so knew the breed well so we said yes, we’d take him. Off we drove many miles to pick him up. Well meet him we did! We found out after the fact, that the older lady was not so old after all and that we were Cosmo’s third family. No one could keep up with this dog. He looked very scruffy and well, talk about a bad hair day, this dog looked terrible, with part of his fur sticking straight up in the air, the rest of him sort of shaved off. That’s when we added the name Kramer to Cosmo.

He also was not a Shih Tzu but a Lhasa Apso. I can tell you now, there is a big difference between the two breeds. Anyway we had a dog. The first thing we decided to do was to take him to a groomer to get him cleaned up. We took him to a seasoned groomer. When we went to pick him up we were told that he was a terrible dog, frightening all the other dogs and not at all social etc. We were asked to take our Lhasa Apso elsewhere! How embarrassing is that? We discovered that he is one very strong dog and also had a lot of baggage. We just didn’t really know what his history was. We realized that he was totally frightened of a number of things, like the hair dryer, scissors, clippers, the bath tub, any loud noise and because of his strength and very deep bark he frightened a lot of people. Fortunately we now have a great groomer and Cosmo is once again a lovely looking dog. He is also a smart dog. What he really needed was someone to bring it out in him. We fumbled around with him ourselves for ages, not getting anywhere and we were still having many problems with him barking at anything and everything. When you have a clear glass front door, that’s a lot of barking. He would jump on the sofa when we had guests, placing his paws on their shoulders, pinning them to the back of it and stare them right in the eye to see who would blink first, and it wasn’t Cosmo. He frightened a lot of people.

Fortunately, it was about then that Nathan was highly recommended to us. We can tell you first hand that not only is Nathan one of the nicest people you could meet, he is brilliant when it comes to teaching both the dog and the owners and bringing out the best in both. In no time at all Nathan taught us how to teach Cosmo to respond to us and what would work with him and what wouldn’t as each case is very individual. Thanks to Nathan we are so delighted with the change in Cosmo. He is a much happier and confident dog with a lovely nature and we are a much happier and relaxed couple. The fact that Nathan is also as close as an email is also very comforting when questions come up. Situations change all the time and the fact that you can send an email to Nathan telling him of a change and he so quickly responds is a terrific help. Bottom line, Nathan is the very best! Nathan did more in two visits than we were able to do in two years! He cuts right through to the problem and then solves it right before your eyes. Thank you Nathan!


Hi Nathan,

Great to hear from you. I was just telling Ron the other day that I was going to email you with an update on Cosmo. So great timing.

Well, we took him out for a long drive to Vancouver Island for the summer and he was just great. Better than we ever expected, thanks to you.

He’s been on elevators, escalators, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, where unlike us, he showed no fear. Motels, hotels, boats, you name it, this dog tried it. He was so good that he was welcomed into the homes of all of our friends on Vancouver Island, including the non dog lovers. Word of mouth spread fast the he was a “Nathan trained dog”. At one point we stayed in a “retirement home” (we were just visiting Nathan, we’re not there yet) and Cosmo was such a hit it was scary. We even had some little old ladies stopping by and talking to him through the screen door, it was quite funny actually. I’d be in the kitchen and I hear a voice saying, well hello handsome, I hope your enjoying your stay here….. It was quite funny but the fact that he doesn’t bark at them but just wags his tail made him an instant hit. Remember the days before he met you when he barked at anything and everything? He’s been to many restaurants where he’s been spoiled rotten and finally back home again. All in all he traveled ten thousand miles in the car he was just superb.

What a difference a well trained dog makes!

Denise & Ron

Retriever "Riot"

Hi Nathan

Thank you so much for helping us with our issue. I would like to share my very good experience with other people and would appreciate if you publish it on your web site.

By the time we decided to get a new puppy, we already had 2 French Mastiffs (Dogue de Bordeaux) in our house, a male (not fixed) and a female (fixed) both about 3.5 years old. They grew up together and get on very well with one other.

Unfortunately our male would not accept the puppy at all – he wanted to kill her, it was like nightmare and we were terrified and did not know what to do.

Fortunately I found Nathan’s web site and called him. The next day he visited our house, spent about 2 hours asking us millions of questions and watching our male. By the end of the visit, he already had an understanding of what was going on and promised to send us detailed instructions with what and how we should proceed in order to change our situation.

It was a very hard time for us for next 1.5 months to follow up exactly his instructions. I was sending him emails with questions back and forth, but eventually after some work we were able to let them be together, everything went just fine, exactly how it was predicted. We are very happy now, they are not a best friends, but it does not really matter to us, we know that now it’s just a matter of time.

Dmitry and Jenia
Richmond Hill

Retriever "Hunter"

Last year we noticed that our dog, Hunter, a four-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, was demonstrating some aggressive behaviours. We told our veterinarian about our concerns and he recommended that we speak to Nathan Penny, of Animal Behaviour Services Inc. In our first phone conversation, I described Hunter's various aggressive behaviours. These included barking incessantly when people entered our home, often attempting to nip at them if they came to close - repeatedly jumping, running and barking around our home when we left - growling and attempting to nip us when clipping his nails. For each negative behaviour, Nathan described a technique that we could use to teach Hunter more acceptable behaviours. Nathan also suggested some items that might help, we found these to be extremely useful in our training. As we carried out the strategies recommended, I sent Nathan e-mails describing Hunter's progress and asking questions. He always responded quickly with answers, advice and encouragement. It has been a year since we first contacted Animal Behaviour Services Inc. and we are still in contact with Nathan, just recently we had another phone conversation regarding the upcoming birth of our first baby and how we can best prepare Hunter for this big change. Hunter has made significant progress in most areas and continues to make progress in others. The process involved in retraining Hunter was not easy and took time - it required commitment, consistency and patience. We are very grateful for the help that we received and would recommend their services to anyone with a pet experiencing behavioural difficulties.

North Bay

Retriever "Heathcliffe"

When I first contacted Nathan Penny at Animal Behaviour Services, I was at my wits’ end. I have two cats, and one of them was so terrified of (and terrorized) by the other that he would not emerge from a bathroom cupboard. I had to feed him in the cupboard, and he even used one corner as a litter box!

This was when I first contacted Nathan Penny. Although I was initially dubious of his suggestions, I stuck the course and the results have been amazing. Today, Heathcliffe (the cat who was hiding) is a changed animal. He is relaxed and affectionate, and no longer lives in a closet. He sleeps in the open, feeds normally, and otherwise behaves just like any other cat. He is also cohabiting peacefully with my other cat, Maxine. I highly recommend Nathan Penny and Animal Behaviour Services to anyone in need. The results are wonderful.


Retriever "Bailey"

Hello Nathan,

You came to our home in May of 2006 to help me understand our chocolate Lab's behaviour and how we could help Bailey grow into a happier being. At the time she was 7 months old but because she appeared to be so stress-filled, we felt we needed to show her the guidance she would need to become more settled.

The issue at the time, primarily, was one of "talk to the paw" insofar as training her to come out of a play group - in fact, even to respond to her name at times; also, the issue of pulling while on leash as well as anxiety with other pups in the park, having been physically roughed up & actually bitten by a Shepherd.

We followed your advice which included treats for all positive behaviour for awhile, enrolling in a positive-feedback class and other practical suggestions.

Bailey is now 18 months old and is such a well-adjusted dog, all of the hair I was pulling out at the time has grown back. She's happy, well-behaved and recalls are reliable with no stress. All in all, she's a wonderful part of the family and time has a way making one wonder what all the fuss was about! You were, of course, dead-on in your suggestions and the outcome.

Once Bailey was on the right road to redemption, we added a second pup as it seems the right combination for us and Bailey bonded well with Duchess, who was 8 weeks at the time and now 10 months of age.

Duchess is of different stock completely - no hunting or field trials in her lineage, so no need to work her four hours a day as for Bailey.

I was happy to find your website today in that Duchess has only one behaviour making me practically apoplectic, that of sniffing at and nosing the feces of other pups in the park. It's nice to know you're firmly rooted in and around Toronto because if we are in need of help again with this particular pup, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to contact you.

It's wonderful to see the testimonials on your site, as well. It means to me that others value your knowledge as much as I have all this time.

Hope life is treating you well. Bailey is happier having met you.


Retriever "Fred"

We got our dog, Fred (young, mid-sized shepherd-cross) from the Toronto Humane Society in April 2004. Fred quickly bonded to us and easily adjusted to our 4 cats, but unbeknownst to us, he had aggression issues with other dogs. After seeing Fred's reaction to our friends' dog on day 1, we knew we had a serious problem on our hands and immediately began to search the Internet and talk to people about the kinds of help available. We found Animal Behaviour Services Inc. on the Internet and were impressed by the extent to which their understanding of animal behaviour and approaches to behaviour modification appeared to be grounded in research and expertise. There were a few other animal services (e.g., trainers, schools and specialists) that we contacted, but Animal Behaviour Services Inc. stood apart from them all. Nathan Penny (of Animal Behaviour Services Inc.) returned our call immediately. He was extremely professional and listened to all of our concerns right away. He offered some preliminary advice on how we might be able to manage Fred until he was able to conduct a more in-depth assessment, reassured us without making unrealistic promises, and scheduled the earliest possible home visit. Due to our busy schedules we waited about a week for our home assessment, but Nathan encouraged us to call as much as we needed to. There were a couple of upsetting and stressful incidents with dogs (luckily neither Fred nor any of his "victims" were seriously hurt) before Nathan's first visit with Fred so we took him up on his offer. Nathan returned each telephone call promptly and offered helpful advice in ways that were respectful and non-judgmental. At Fred's in-depth assessment, we were taught some very concrete procedures and techniques to encourage Fred's socialization with other dogs. The techniques were manageable for us and safe.

Since the initial assessment over 9 months ago, we have kept in contact with Nathan regarding Fred via email and phone calls - receiving feedback and advice to tweak the behaviour modification plan according to Fred's development. He now walks without a muzzle, goes off-leash at the park and plays fetch without being distracted by other dogs, he never chases dogs, and even has a few dog "acquaintances". The changes in Fred's behaviour are truly amazing! We are currently looking forward to a follow-up consultation to learn safe ways to increase Fred's comfort level with dogs even further and learn behavioural approaches to decrease the separation anxiety Fred suffers from.

Since we have had Fred, there have been difficult times where we have felt like we were at the end of our ropes (especially during the first 3 months). But we have always been well supported by Animal Behaviour Services Inc. At our very lowest point, we spoke to Nathan about being overwhelmed and considered avenues for putting Fred up for adoption. Nathan was very respectful of our feelings and understanding about the enormous amount of work that Fred required and the stresses associated with his care. He encouraged us not to take any action right away; instead, he suggested that we let our "state of shock" pass at which time we'd be in a better position to make the right decision. Thank you Nathan!!! After a few hours (and with the tools provided by Animal Behaviour Services Inc.) we were able to cope with our situation. We adore Fred and can't imagine a household without him. We would have deeply regretted putting him up for adoption.

We would strongly encourage anyone who has a pet with a behavioural issue (or issues, as in our case) to connect with Animal Behaviour Services Inc. The ongoing service that we receive is extraordinarily respectful, non-judgmental, professional, supportive, and effective.

Toronto, ON

Retriever "Jesse"

I am the proud owner of a six-year-old Staffy X, named Jesse. Last year in May (2004) we were saddened to have to put to sleep our older Brittany Spaniel, named Shawna. Jesse had been with Shawna & other dogs her whole life.

I had never had any problem leaving Jesse alone, she was never even crate trained. She was a perfect little angel when left alone until we had to put Shawna down. About 3 weeks after Shawna was gone, I came home to find that Jesse had chewed the doorframe, and tore off all the weather-stripping from our front door. I thought someone had been trying to break into my house, as Jesse had never done any chewing or otherwise destructive behavior before in her life. Turns out, she began to do this everyday, and started crushing door knobs with her teeth and eating metal at ALL entrances/exits in the house. Jesse was getting so stressed out that she was licking her paws raw, they got infected and she had to have antibiotics. I knew she was desperate and that she needed my help.

I became very worried for her health and started to think why she would be doing these things when she was left alone. A pet store clerk suggested she might have separation anxiety. I took Jesse to the vet because I was clueless on how to help her with the anxiety. She suggested I take Jesse to an animal behaviorist.

I looked through the yellow pages and found the ad for Animal Behavior Services and decided to call, just to see what could be done for Jesse. We set up the consultation with Nathan and he came by to see Jesse. Nathan introduced us to several programs that could help Jesse. We also put her on anti-anxiety meds to make things a little bit easier.

When she was feeling better from her paws, we moved to a new place and the trauma started all over again, only 10x worse than before! Again I buckled down and followed Nathan's program to the T. Since then, it has been 2 months since Jesse has not chewed a thing! She is very relaxed and living stress free! All thanks to Nathan & Animal Behavior Services. I don't know what we would have done without these ESSENTIAL pet services, since giving Jesse away was not an option. We are just so thankful that we can go out now without the fear of "Oh my gosh, what did Jesse destroy this time and is she okay?" I honestly thought this was never going to end and that there was no help available for us. I was wrong. If you are having problems with your pets I strongly BEG you to call Animal Behavior Services. They saved Jesse's life!


Retriever "Lola"

Last year I became the proud owner of a little Maltipoo puppy whom I named Lola.

Lola and I bonded immediately and she was always little clingy with me but did well on her own at home while I was at work. However, due to unforeseen circumstances in the springtime, I was away from home for a longer period of time than normal. This also meant that Lola was also home alone for that time. After that incident Lola began to exhibit characteristic symptoms of separation anxiety. I came home every night to find the front door scratch with bite marks on it, the quarter trim around the base of the door widdled to the point where she actually ripped it out of the wall, the doorway carpet was always overturned and urinated on, her paws would be bleeding from the open sores caused by non stop scratching of the door – and not to mention the non stop barking.

I was truly heartbroken and at a loss as to what I should do. I began searching on line and I came across the web site for Animal Behaviour Services and spent a considerable amount of time reading through the entire web site. Subsequently, I scheduled an appointment with Nathan.

I was pleased with the fact that the consultation occurred in my home where Lola is most comfortable and her behaviour could be observed first hand. During our consultation Nathan went so far as taping Lola’s reaction on my digital camera so that I can see what she does when I leave my home. It was heartbreaking. However, through the course of our consultation Nathan recommended some strategies that would be useful for Lola’s retraining. I was in shock! Even within the duration of our consultation there was a marked decrease in Lola’s stress reaction when I left the house.

Lola and I are in a routine and I can honestly say that her progress has been remarkable over the last eight weeks. When Nathan asked me to write a testimonial for the web site my immediate response was yes. The deciding factor for me in choosing Nathan and Animal Behaviour Services was in fact the prior client testimonials on their web site. With Nathan’s assistance and continued follow up support, I now feel comfortable leaving Lola home by herself without worrying that she is anxious, scared or injuring herself. I emphatically recommend his services to everyone! Nathan helped me get my loving carefree puppy back and for that I am so thankful and grateful.


Retriever Rescued Pit Bull

I adopted a three year old rescue pit bull from an animal rescue group in Ontario. After a slight honeymoon period she started to show a fear of people. She started barking and lunging people on walks and shortly after started barking at people who came in our home. It got really bad and I would have anxiety attacks before walking her as people made comments and crossed to the other side of the road when they saw us coming. I came home crying after every walk and was too embarrassed to invite friends over. I loved my dog and wanted to help her but none of the trainers I had hired could seem to help. I got desperate and called Nathan when things were so bad I was close to just keeping her in the house forever. Nathan sat in our home with us and watched her behaviour. He was the first person to come on a walk with us and see the actual behaviour. He told me EXACTLY what was going on with her and what she was thinking when acting out. He wrote out a plan for me to do with her in every situation, on walks and in the home. It has been four months since Nathan came to my house and she is has not barked at someone in so long, I sometimes forget she had a problem. Now all I hear when walking her is compliments, she is the most well behaved dog in our neighborhood. I now look forward to walking her and having people come over. Whenever people are in my home they are complimenting her. If I could go back in time I would have called Nathan first! He was the only trainer that was able to help me and my baby girl.


Retriever "Skipper"

A year ago we decided to add another dog to our family. We have two Shih Tzus, and thought we'd adopt another one from a southern U.S. shelter. After the hurricane, the shelters down there were full, and we wanted to do something. After searching on Petfinder for a couple of weeks, I found the my Shih Tzu, actually, I believe he found me! His name is Skipper. We had to drive to Pennsylvania to get him, and when he got off the transport, I knew I was looking at a very frightened Lhasa Apso. I was not about to send him back, but a few doubts crept into my head. We brought him back to the hotel, he ate from my hand, had some water, and rolled over for a belly rub, and my doubts were gone. We got home, and the nightmare began. My oldest dog did not like him at all. There were fights. I saw that all Skippers fights began with him crouched down, and ears back, but I didn't know why. I also noticed he was afraid of so many things, garbage cans, most men, ironing boards, my husbands suits when they were on hangers, traffic, small children. It seemed like every day there was something new.Skipper had bit me twice. I had no idea how to handle this, and to say my life was becoming unmanagable was an understatement. After six months of living like this I found Nathan. I was very at ease with him. When he came to our home, I had hope for the very first time. He told me Skipper was fear aggressive, and applied techniques to help me help him overcome his fears. Today, he can walk by a garbage can on the sidewalk without flinching, he walks right up to the ironing board, although he doesn't like it, he no longer runs from it. He waits by the closet, whenever my husband goes to pull out a suit, tail wagging. Suits are high value treat spitting machines! He can now approach most men without fear. We are working on visitors coming into our home. There has been a big improvement with that. My oldest dog (Wendel) still doesn't like him, I don't know if that will ever be overcome, you can't make a dog like another dog. But, Nathan is teaching me how to make Wendel more tolerent of Skipper, and Skipper not so afraid of Wendel. This is a work in progress, and it's a journey. It has been a year, and these two dogs are still not left together unattended, but I hope in the coming months this will be possible. I would highly recommend Nathan. Skipper is not the same dog who came into our home a year ago, and I have Nathan to thank for that.


Retriever "Digby"

We adopted a four-year old beagle named Digby from an animal shelter and soon discovered that he was very aggressive on a leash, as well as somewhat aggressive just seeing other dogs across the street. We took him to obedience classes where, after about 3 weeks, he showed his aggressive nature. They didn't know what to do and he (and I) was very politely asked not to continue coming to classes. I called a friend of mine who is a vet and he recommended I call Nathan. What luck! Nathan visited us at home, we talked for a while and then took Digby for a walk. He was professional, knowledgeable and best of all, gentle with Digby. After assessing the problem, and making suggestions, Nathan followed up with emails and phone calls and has been available for us ever since. That was almost a year ago. Results didn't happen overnight, and we've all worked at following Nathan's suggestions - - but we're glad to report we have a very happy, almost well-adjusted dog and a very relieved and almost better-adjusted owner! Thank you, Nathan. You knew how to assess the problem, how to fix it and just as importantly, you kept in contact with us to ensure everything was going well. We couldn't have done it without you!...


Retriever "Dashiell"

Dashiell, our eighteen month old Airedale terrier puppy, was having separation anxiety issues. We couldn't leave him alone with free run of the house, and we weren't comfortable leaving him in a crate for longer than a couple of hours. As a result, we were beginning to feel trapped in our own home. We called in Nathan, and he gave us several exercises to help alleviate the problem. Nathan also suggested we videotape Dash when we are away. That was a real eye-opener: It's one thing to come home to a happy dog who is oblivious to your distress about the hole in your couch. It's another to see his anxiety on tape. Fortunately, the exercises have helped, and Nathan has followed up with us on a regular basis to adjust the program as needed. Dash is making good progress, and we're confident that he will soon have free run of the house when we're gone.


Retriever "Mookie"

I have used Nathan from Animal Behavior for my cat Mookie who was having some serious behaviour problems. Mookie enjoyed doing all her business outside her litter box, so originally I took her to the vet and the vet put her on an anti-depressant to control the bad behaviour, the med worked for a while and after that didn't work anymore and Mookie started again to act up. I just did not know what to do anymore, so the vet suggested the Animal Behaviour clinic where Nathan worked. Nathan came once to rectify the problem. He was very kind and I felt confortable. That same day Mookie started to use her litter box still does to this day. Nathan always returned my calls when I had questions and I really appreciated that, and I highly recommend him and the clinic.


Retriever "Tayle"

We have a very wonderful English Cocker Spaniel; Tayle loves people, is obsessed with playing ball, loves to run with me, and would do anything for a piece of freshly baked bread - but around her food dish she was an absolute horror. She guarded her dish in a way that we were just not comfortable with, and frankly at times we were scared of her behaviour. Nathan who I call the Dog Whisperer has been working with us for the past two years, (yes 2 years) to help us manage Tayle's behaviour. What impressed me the most from our initial consultation, right up to our most recent visit, were Nathan's skills in determining our dog's problem and seeing the results of his methods work, immediately! We email Nathan with regular updates on Tayle and with Nathan's encouragement, and suggested modifications in routines we have been able to manage Tayle's food guarding.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nathan and Animal Behaviour Services Incorporated to anyone who loves their pet and wants the best for them, and their family.


Retriever Obedience training didn't work

Despite having attended obedience training with our dog, we still had concerns with some of her problem behaviours, including barking and nipping. Our experience with Animal Behaviour Services helped us to better identify the cause of the problem and how to work with our dog to achieve a positive response. As a result, our confidence in managing her behaviour has increased, and our relationship with the dog is more enjoyable. The dog is happier, and so are we!

Denise and David

Retriever Inherited cat

My experience with Animal Behaviour Services Inc. has been a very positive experience and allowed me to keep a beautiful cat that I had "inherited" that I would have had to find a home for otherwise. I am grateful to the Humane Society that had recommended their services to me. The home consultation was a great experience during which I learned how to handle the new cat that was aggressive towards one of my 3 cats. The follow-ups, the advice through weekly emails by the Animal Behaviour Therapist lasted for several months after the initial consultation. The prescribed natural remedies have changed the behaviour of the aggressive cat and allowed the two cats to live peacefully together in the same household without supervision which was "impossible" prior to their involvement. I would recommend their services to any pet owner/guardian who is facing problems with their pet as it enables them to resolve the behaviour problems and keep the pet.


Retriever "Loxy"

My dog Loxy, after an attack by a much bigger dog, had developed a habit of snarling at big dogs which made them try to "get her". With little dogs she had become very aggressive and in a couple cases attacked. Something had to be done! Nathan came to my home, assessed the situation I followed his advice and now have a social dog that enjoys meeting other dogs at the off leash park. It helped that Nathan was available to give advice and encouragement during the training.


Retriever Prompt responses!

We have a 4 year old male, neutered Portuguese Water Dog who is a wonderful pet for us, active, affectionate and extremely intelligent and a dog who really likes human company. We have been pleased with the consultation and suggestions provided, it is challenging as it is hard work to be as consistent as necessary and to "work" with our dog again, but the results have been worth the effort. Nathan is terrific with prompt responses to further emails regarding the progress we are making and is always encouraging.


Retriever "Storm" and "Mocha"

The purpose of this letter is to provide a strong, positive reference for Nathan Penny and to describe in some detail the situation for which he provided considerable assistance.

Over the past 5 years, ours has evolved into a multi-pet household. Our first 4-paw family member was a female Sheltie in 2000, later joined by a second female Sheltie in 2001, and in 2002 we introduced a pair of 8 week old, male Chantilly- Tiffany cats. Chantilly-Tiffany cats are considered to be an "owner-bonding breed" and it was pointed out to us by the breeder that this is a cat who does best with a companion animal if the humans in the household are at work or school for long periods during the day. In our case, there would be no shortage of company since the addition of these two boys, who were litter mates born on Valentine's Day, brought our "pet count" to 4.

Storm and Mocha, our two boys, were never very far apart within our home. If one left the room to explore something, the other followed. They tended to sleep curled up together and groomed each other regularly (though with varying degrees of diligence). As part of our original arrangement with the breeder, we had agreed that at the age of 6 months, she would make a determination as to which of these two boys she would be using - once only - in her breeding program. In turn, we would have the non-selected male neutered, and keep the remaining male 'intact' until he was of an age to be bred. Chantilly-Tiffany cats are considered somewhat slow to mature and she felt that around 16 months of age would be optimum.

Mocha, our chocolate coloured boy, was the selected male. His brother, Storm, while absolutely gorgeous, was large compared to the breed standard and had a tiny kink at the end of his tail which was considered an inheritable defect. So, Storm was neutered and Mocha, who was always the alpha boy anyway, remained intact waiting for his opportunity to meet a lady. The breeder to whom Mocha would go lives near Edmonton, Alberta. Having read and heard far too many horror stories with respect to shipping of pets in airline 'cargo holds', I determined that I would bring Mocha to Edmonton myself. Most major airlines permit small animals to be brought into the cabin as 'hand luggage' in carriers sized to fit beneath the seat. Thus, Mocha became a 'carry on' and indeed traveled very well (sleeping almost the entire way) from Toronto to Edmonton where I handed him over personally to Tracy.

Mocha and Stomr Tracy and I had discussed at some length, via e-mail, how this arrangement might work out. Because of the distance involved, and also because this arrangement was a one-time event with Mocha to be neutered before returning home, we had agreed he would need to stay with her not only until a female was pregnant but until the kittens were actually born and pronounced healthy. What a shame if we were to neuter him, bring him home, only later to hear of a miscarriage or false pregnancy. However, this arrangement thus meant that Mocha would be away from home for at least a period of 9 - 10 weeks. Tracy warned me that we would need to go through a full re-integration, as Mocha and Storm would no longer recognize each other as brothers after such a long separation. She gave me some indications of what we would need to do upon Mocha's re-entry but also we agreed we would discuss in more detail when the time came. For me, the saddest part was the possibility that Mocha might not recognize ME upon his return, because he was very bonded to me and followed me everywhere. He was actually rather standoff-ish with other members of the household, showing only the most casual interest in their activities, but following me around like a little caboose.

Once in Edmonton, it actually took a little bit of time for Mocha to initiate parenthood. The first couple of females presented to him were apparently of no interest. Indeed, he hid under a chair and hissed at one of them! But lady #3 proved to be a perfect match. She wasn't Tracy's first choice of breeding female, because she had not successfully carried a litter to term. But she was Mocha's only choice; he wanted nothing to do with the others. Only two kittens resulted from this litter; two gorgeous little boys. The larger one was the exact image of his chocolate daddy, and the smaller one a miniature version of his lilac mother. Avalon was a great Mom and both of these little boys thrived. When the kittens were a week old, Mocha was neutered. And one week after that, I flew to Edmonton to bring him home. I stayed with him overnight in an airport hotel, and was thrilled when Mocha spent the entire night keeping me awake, "kneading me", and purring, and licking my face. Clearly he remembered exactly who I was.

Tracy had provided information to me, both verbally and in written form, on the subject of re-integration of Mocha with his brother. And we had every intention of following it. We were to begin by giving them opportunities to pick up each other's scent, while keeping them separated, and slowly moving up to supervised (not close-up) contact. All of this was thwarted on the third day, when Mocha slipped between my daughter's legs and through the door to my bedroom, where Storm was sitting. The attack and fight which ensured was vicious and looked as though it might be "to the death". Both my daughter and myself were badly scratched in separating the cats, and we were heartbroken to see what had become of the relationship between these two brothers. For the next 2 weeks, we keep the cats completely separated, and on Tracy's advice we switched them back and forth between two rooms where they had considerable exposure to each other's scent while not ever seeing each other. Slowly over 2 more weeks we worked our way up to having them both roaming the house, but everytime we looked for Storm, we found him hiding under a chair. He hardly ever came out to eat or use the litter pan and certainly not to socialize.

This was not going to be a sustainable situation. Storm was clearly very stressed and afraid to be anywhere near his brother. If they were in the same room together, by chance, a low growling or hissing almost invariably ensued and it was a concern to me that this could escalate to another attack. Clearly Storm felt the same way, hence the hiding.

It was at this point that I called Nathan and booked a consultation. We had run out of ideas and could not continue down the same road. During this entire process, Nathan closely monitored our progress and provided insight as to what we should expect and what the next step would be. If I forgot to update him on our progress, he was proactive in e-mailing me to ask "how is it going?" My questions were answered promptly and in detail. When occasionally I had to make a judgment call and it proved to be a sound one, his praise for these decisions helped build my confidence as we continued to move forward, sometimes with a step or two backwards. When something we were doing could be improved, he provided a detailed recommendation. Although during our initial consultation, Nathan did not promise that we would achieve success, he was clear that he felt we were very likely to accomplish re-integration if we were patient and did not rush the process. This gave me hope and the motivation to continue despite the inconveniences posed to our day-to-day life.

Without going into too much detail, I will admit that somewhat against Nathan's better judgment (and even my own) but with his complete assistance, we followed through on our request to the breeder to have one of Mocha's kittens. I flew to Edmonton to pick up Mystic (the lilac baby) when he was 10 weeks old. Nathan guided us step by step through the process of integrating yet another male into a situation that was still somewhat fragile. Mystic is quite a little monkey and he has a way of riling everyone up, even the Shelties, while looking completely innocent. But things do seem to have worked out for everyone.

To this day, Storm needs some 'alone time'. I think he finds his nephew's behaviour to be stressful. He will often come to my bedroom door and rattle the door to be let in. Two or three hours of sleeping, undisturbed, on my bed seemed to be therapeutic for him and then he is ready to re-join the others. Mocha and Mystic have their moments, sometimes involving thundering up and down the hallways and staircases, but it seems they manage to settle things and only a couple of times I have declared a time out and banished someone to the kitchen for an hour to chill out. Frankly, as a mother, I can comment that the same need to declare a 'time out' has occurred with my children on occasion! Amazingly, all three boys are often to be found in the same room peacefully asleep on various bits of furniture.

The most rewarding moment, for me, came when I walked into my family room one day and found Storm and Mocha tangled up together on the sofa. Storm was grooming Mocha just as he did when they were much younger. When Storm performs a grooming, he doesn't miss a thing. Mocha just loves the attention and moves himself around so that Storm can reach behind the ears and under the chin. It's cute to watch. When Storm has finished, it is clear that he is waiting for reciprocation. Mocha is quite a lazy boy and his idea of reciprocating is a couple of swipes of Storm's neck and "you're good to go".

When I called Nathan, I was pretty much at my wits' end with the situation we were in. His calm, professional, thorough approach immediately inspired me to hope for the best. I would have been delighted if we could just get to a point where everyone was tolerating everyone else, with no one hiding. That we have achieved so much more than that is truly a wonderful outcome and I am very grateful that we found Nathan before the situation deteriorated to perhaps a point of no return.

Needless to say, after achieving a greater degree of success than I ever dreamed possible, I am very happy to recommend Nathan and Animal Behaviour Services.


Retriever "Meggie"

We chose our four year old female Airedale, Meggie, (Nutmeg) and brought her home from the breeder's when she was eight week old. She is our third female Airedale but our family has had seven Airedales. We are all very much aware of the breed's temperment and the challenges that are involved in these loveable, intelligent but very stubborn and highly energetic dogs.

From the time we brought Meggie home it was apparent that she was much more of an Alpha personality than her predecessors. She never wanted to be cuddled, would wiggle out of our arms when we tried to hold her and demonstrated a very high energy level.

We hung a bell at the back door so she could ask to go out and she learned to do so in one or two trials. However after four years she had still not learned that jumping on everyone who came into the house or who was greeted on the street was not acceptable behaviour. While she was always friendly in these encounters she became increasingly aggressive when she saw the postman approaching our front door and would lunge at the mail coming through the slot in an attempt to grab the hand at the other end.

At the same time she began showing aggressive behaviour towards other dogs when she was out for an always leashed walk on our street in central Toronto. We realised that our life style was confusing for her as we spend almost half the year on Georgian Bay where she can run free on our large acreage. However her behaviour was rapidly causing us concern.

Neighbours who have dogs with whom she has played for several years noted that she was too aggressive with their dogs. Then one day as we were putting her into our car, she darted free and grabbed a small dog who was on leash with its owner at the top of our driveway. Fortunately the dog was not injured. That was the final straw! We needed help before something tragic happened.

I called the Toronto Humane Society and they gave me the name of Dr. Pamela Reid and her web site. Her name was also given to me by a dog trainer who acknowledged that aggression was something most trainers were not equipped to handle. Through the web site I tracked down Nathan.

He responded immediately to my call and we were able to set up an assessment appointment within a week. My husband and I were impressed with Nathan's ability to interact with Meggie and to analyse her behaviours. We had a great sense of relief and hope that her behaviour could be modified and he could show us the ways in which we could do this.

As well as observing her behaviour in our house and demonstrating training techniques we went to the large off-leash area at Sunnybrook Park where Nathan could observe her with other dogs. After that we were all given our daily homework. We keep in touch with Nathan in frequent emails and look forward to a return visit when we have accomplished more of our goals. We are very, very encouraged and highly recommend Nathan to any motivated and loving pet owners.


Retriever "Cassie"

When our son was born, we were concerned about how our dog, Cassie, would react. She was adopted from the Humane Society, and while she was very loving and gentle, she was also very protective of us. At first, we could tell that the change was going to be hard for her, and so we sought out Nathan at Animal Behaviour Services for an expert opinion. Nathan sensed how concerned we were and drove all the way to London the next day. Upon arrival he was very helpful and professional, and was both realistic and soothing. Still then, if I have any questions regarding Cassie's behaviour I am quick to send an email to Nathan and always receive a prompt reply.

London, ON

Retriever "Nigel"

We enlisted the services of Nathan Penny to help us deal with a problem with our kitty kat Nigel. Nigel is deaf, and well, special in other ways too if you know what I mean. Our problem was that each night at around 4:00 a.m. he would sit at the top of 2nd floor stairs and meow/wail louder than you could ever imagine. I'm sure that it was so loud because, being deaf, he just couldn't hear how loud he was. But we could! This went on for about two years. We tried comforting him, not comforting him, distracting him, tiring him out in the evening by playing with him. Nothing worked. The vet recommended a medication Periactin, and that helped about 4 out of 7 nights. That still left 3 nights with very little sleep. When we went back to the vet he reccomended seeing a specialist and gave me Nathan Penny's name. I called and explained a bit about our problem. He came over and met Nigel and did a thorough assessment of the problem and the idiosyncrasies of our special little guy. Nathan recommended several strategies that I believe were quite innovative. What really impressed me though was that his approach was graduated. He suggested trying natural remedies and gentle behaviour modification first. Other intervention could be tried if these gentler ways did not produce results. This showed us that he really cares about the animals that he's helping. Admittedly, some of the suggestions just weren't for us. They didn't really work with our lifestyle. When we mentioned this. Nathan tailored a plan that we could work with. One that would fit with our lifestyle and that still incorporated a stepped approach. We started with natural remedies and behaviour modification. In Nigel's case, this didn't work for him. We then tried another approach a step up from this one. When this didn't work, Nathan recommended a medication that he thought would be effective. He suggested starting at the lowest possible dose to see if it would be effective. Well it was. Almost immediately Nigel stopped his middle of the night meowing/wailing. We could sleep again! All during this process Nathan was in constant contact with us. Checking on our progress with Nigel. Getting the results of specific strategies that we had implemented. Even after the problem was solved he checked in with us every few months to see how things were going. If anything changes, I know that I can e-mail him. I know that he will work with us to help resolve anything that has come up. We appreciate that. Nigel is doing very well now, and so are we.


Retriever "Josh"

Josh, Judy and I wanted you to know how informative and valuable the two sessions with you have been. You have given us real insight into the workings of Josh's mind, what's he's thinking and feeling and why he's been reacting as he has been. You've helped us to understand where his fears and timidity come from and, most importantly, what we should be doing to deal with them and help Josh become the happy guy that lurks under all that baggage. You've given us feedback and support for the things we've done right so far, and confidence that the techniques you've shown us will get Josh to a much happier and fulfilling place in short order.

Judy and I were both amazed at Josh's responsiveness to you and your techniques almost instantly from the get-go. This comes in large measure from your professionalism, training and experience of course, but it is obvious to us that a large measure of Josh's comfort came from his instinct understanding that he was in the presence of a caring person. That gave him the comfort and courage to respond well to your training and techniques.

What impressed me most about your response techniques is that they are empathetic, based on a respectful feeling of the dog's persona. They are therfore very effective. After your first visit (even during it actually) we saw an immediate and measurable improvement in Josh's playfulness and inquisitiveness outdoors. And after your second visit, the walks are becoming more pleasureable and less traumatic for him with each day. and of course when you can see improvements happening before your eyes, it gives great encouragement!


Retriever "Isla"

We got our dog Isla (Pointer Cross) from the local humane society. At first she was shy and wary of all things but after a couple of days we realized that she seemed to be wary of other dogs. She would bark and then squeal at the top of her lungs which we found worrying as we had no idea why she was so upset. Gradually she was getting worse as the weeks went by. What made it even more confusing for us was she seemed to be okay with similar size dogs or larger off leash.

We tried many methods, including dog training schools in the Guelph area but after a few lessons they seemed to give up on our dog and we were no further forward. We read many books and tried some of the exercises but found that she was getting no better.

Walking Isla was becoming such a nervous experience and because her reaction was getting progressively worse we tried asking our local vet for advice. They advised us to call Nathan, which we did, and since then we have seen a remarkable improvement in our dog. The original consultation put our mind at ease as we were able to define her condition. Nathan also at this time set a program for us to follow which also helped us gain confidence when walking her. Follow up through email helped us keep on the right track and now I can happily say that our dog is now much more comfortable around other dogs on leash and in turn, we can enjoy going for walks.

Thanks Nathan!


Retriever "Jesse"

Nathan Penny of Animal Behaviour Services has saved us years of frustration with one of our dogs. When I contacted Nathan, we were having some serious behaviour problems with our 1 year old Tibetan Terrier. Tibetan Terriers are known to be very laid back and easy going and Jesse is our 3rd TT. However, from the very first time we took him out in public, he would go absolutely crazy if he encountered another dog - both at puppy school and on walks. He would bark hysterically and lunge and nip at them and nothing we did would calm him down. We got some extra help at puppy school and brought it somewhat under control in that environment only and he successfully completed grades 1 through 3 at a well known dog school however they were not able to successfully help us outside of that environment. Nothing they suggested helped at all. Very frustrated I contacted Nathan. He spent a long time talking with us about Jesse's behaviour under various circumstances and got a lot of history on him. We then went out on a walk so that Nathan could see his behaviour first hand. Thanks to Nathan taking Jesse out in public is now a much more enjoyable experience for all of us and Jesse is happily learning to play with strange dogs.


Retriever "Sheba"

When we first called on Nathan Penny Sheba was a very nervous German shepherd. She couldn't be taken out for a walk without reacting to anyone passing by, especially if they spoke to me. She would growl and lunge at them. Although she was very good in obedience classes she did not tolerate people or other dogs coming into her space. Since I have been following Nathan's recommendations she has made great strides towards accepting people although we still have a few problems with young exuberant pups coming at her. I am so pleased with what we have accomplishing with his help. We would never have been able to do so on our own. We now have a friendly outgoing dog. I accept the fact that she will always be fear aggressive but I now can read her signals and know how to handle her.

I will always be grateful to Nathan for all his help from the very first consultation, the follow-ups on our progress and the continuing support that I receive when I need it. I thank you and Sheba thanks you. She is now a happy camper.


Retriever "Seamus"

Seamus, my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier came to me at 6 months. Completely untrained, with an unknown past. For the first 1 ½ years of his life he seemed like a normal rambunctious puppy, working his way through two sessions of obedience training. Then he began to get into a couple of scraps with other dogs. A short time later he was attacked in the park by two big off-leash dogs. From then on he began to react to all large dogs in an aggressive manner. At the same time still a wonderful friendly pet with people. Nathan Penny came to visit and assess Seamus and immediately diagnosed that his problem was fear. It surprised me since I thought he was becoming an Alpha dog. Nathan set out a progressive series of exercises for me to follow and within a very short time Seamus was completely under my control and responsive to my messages. My frequent emails to Nathan were responded to promptly and always with clear answers on my queries and with new suggestions on how to proceed to the next level. It is a pleasure to walk my beautiful dog now and although we have a little more training to work through it has changed our walks from stressful times to fun.


Retriever "Mia"

We adopted our beloved Atlas Terrier, Mia, from a regional pet rescue organization on July 24, 2007. Mia was a stray and consequently, her history was unknown. During the 6 weeks she was in foster care, prior to the adoption, she endeared herself to everyone. She also lived harmoniously with a dog and two cats. Her only “quirk”, we were advised, was that she barked whenever she encountered an unfamiliar dog. As veteran dog owners we were not dissuaded by this shortcoming. I also knew from my experience as a volunteer at our local animal shelter that this behaviour was entirely modifiable.

Mia’s “quirk” was revealed to us the day we brought her home. Anxious to show Mia her new world, we secured her leash and set out for a leisurely evening walk. Minutes into our journey we met our first dog. What transpired next was completely unanticipated. Mia became the devil incarnate! She did NOT bark. Rather, she uttered a series of blood curdling snarls, growls and squeals. As we approached, she lunged her little 12 pound body at the dog and bared her teeth. We apologized profusely and rationalized that she was tired and stressed from the long ride home.

Over the ensuing two weeks, the behaviour repeated itself. It mattered little to Mia whether the dog was large or small; male or female; black or white. She wanted a piece of all of them! Mia quickly earned the reputation in our neighbourhood as the “psycho dog”. Taking her for a walk was so stressful and more often than not, I returned home dejected and in tears. In our home, however, Mia demonstated impeccable manners. She readily learned commands such as “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “come”. She was gentle and playful and very affectionate. She adored humans of every size and shape. It very difficult to reconcile the “Two Mias”.

We consulted countless books and employed a myriad of techniques in an attempt to extinguish Mia’s unwanted behaviour. Nothing worked. In desperation, we contacted a company that guarantees results for a variety of animal behaviour issues, including dog aggression. The techniques recommended by the “trainer” centered on our body language and voice control but didn’t really address Mia’s uniqueness. We persevered for six long weeks before we conceded that she was spiraling downward.

Mia was now exhibiting general reactivity to nearly everything. She would bark and lunge at squirrels, chipmunks, birds, cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and lawnmowers. The defining moment, the day God (and Google) led us to Nathan, Mia barked uncontrollably at the wind for nearly an hour!

We were not going to fail Mia. As a volunteer, I routinely see dogs returned to the shelter for a variety of behavioural issues. Unfortunately, a “returned dog” is often labelled “unadoptable” and euthanized. I only wish that more people would turn to Nathan before “giving up” on their pets. He was truly was the answer to our prayers. We only regret that we weren’t led to him sooner.

September 17, 2007 is a date with special significance. It marks the day Nathan entered Mia’s life and restored our faith that she could be helped. Nathan drove nearly 2 1/2 hours to meet with us at our home. Despite being on a tight schedule, he gave us his undivided attention. He listened intently to our concerns and collected a detailed history. He then reflected on our conversation before formulating a diagnosis and a treatment plan. He explained Mia’s behavioural issue using sound scientific principles. Mia was exhibiting fear aggression. She had essentially two options when she encountered a dog…”fight or flight”. Since the leash nullified the “flight” option, “fighting” was her only alternative. He also explained that as her comfort level with us grew, her stress level decreased and consequently, her arousal level rose. This explained why she wasn’t initially so reactive to her surroundings.

Nathan made several recommendations that we could implement immediately. The following day, he emailed us a comprehensive, graduated plan. Within only a few days of Nathan’s consultation, Mia was able to pass by a dog, at a distance, without all the drama! Over the course of a few weeks, her reactivity to dogs diminished almost completely! Mia still maintains boundaries and isn’t thrilled when a dog gets “up close and personal”, particularly when she’s leashed. She will take walks with other dogs, and is content to share the road, provided there is a three to four foot “buffer zone”.

Once Mia’s fear aggression was more manageable, Nathan offered us suggestions to address her reactivity to the rest of the world. This almost proved to be more challenging than the dogs. Each week we would update Nathan on our progress and he would modify the plan based on her responses. We are very pleased to report that Mia has made remarkable progress. She is now able to walk by most squirrels without launching into full attack mode and she rarely barks at motorized vehicles. In the fall, we took her to our beach and paraded her past hundreds of geese preparing for migration. Mia hardly noticed their presence!

Our neighbours routinely comment on what a lovely little dog Mia has become! They can hardly believe the transformation! One woman, in particular, recently confessed “I thought you were doomed!”. Now, she invites Mia into her home to socialize with her dog, Leon. Considering Mia once tried to rip Leon’s nose off, this is progress!!

Nathan is truly a gifted individual. He doesn’t offer “cookie cutter” advice because he recognizes that each animal (and owner) is unique. He avoids making lofty promises. Instead, he establishes realistic and achievable objectives. When goals aren’t realized, he modifies the plan. He is readily available by email and his responses are prompt. We haven’t felt the need to provide him with weekly updates as of late because Mia is progressing so nicely. Nonetheless, it is very reassuring to know that Nathan is there to guide us should a concern arise.

Thank you once again, Nathan, for everything!

Jill and Erick

Retriever "Lomond"

Our then 18-month Golden Retriever, Lomond, who had enjoyed the off-leash experience with other dogs since 4-months of age, began to be harassed by another dog, whom he had known for some time. For some reason, this dog, a Golden Doodle, would bark, almost continually at times, at my dog, sometimes very close to his face. At times, the Doodle would jump Lomond, who always tried to scamper away. It was confusing, since these two dogs had been pals, but it got to the point that if we saw each other coming, the Doodle owner and I would head in different directions. One day, the dogs met up in the off-leash park, and the Doodle attacked Lomond. Instead of running away, Lomond fought back. Unfortunately, a very innocent Yellow Lab who came upon the scene got mixed up in the fight. From that point on, in a strange fear redirection, Lomond did not like Yellow Labs, and would become very aggressive with any one that ran up to him.

I was horrified. My happy-go-lucky, love-all-dogs-and-all-people Golden was now aggressive towards Yellow Labs. It was frightening to witness. A dog trainer recommended that I contact Nathan, and the moment I did, I began to feel better. Just being proactive and seeking help (instead of hoping the problem would go away on its own) calmed me. Nathan was at our house within days, and, after listening to Lomond's tale and taking in his entire history, gave me a plan I could work on. While it took time and commitment on my part, it was a very small price to pay for the end results. My dog no longer has issues with Yellow Labs, and treats them as he does all other breeds--as potential playmates.


Retriever "Paget"

It is with confidence that I write a recommendation for Nathan Penny’s services as a animal behaviorist.

We enlisted his help when our 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog was exhibiting destructive behavior during separations from us. We had tried many different strategies on our own but were having no luck. Keeping him crated all day was not working as he would escape from the crates (metal bars broken!) and salivate profusely – both indications of just how stressed he was to be in there and left alone. He would happily sit in the crate if we were with him in the room.

Nathan’s visit at our home was most enlightening. He listened as we described our situation and took notes. He then took a few minutes on his own to formulate a plan and sat with us to go over it.

We immediately put into effect his suggestions and within a short amount of time saw very good results. It has now been 6 months and has included a move to the US. Nathan has continually been supportive and has kept up communications and provided prompt responses to my questions even from so far away. Paget is doing fabulous and I’m so relieved to know I can leave him for periods of time now without stress to either of us!

Thank you, Nathan!


Retriever "Sampras"

I first met our German Shepherd, Sampras, when he as only 3 ½ weeks old. We did all the right things, puppy school, socialization, lots of exposure to new people, etc. and despite our best efforts, he had a bad experience with a drunken man at about 5 mos. Old, and our aggression problems appeared and progressed steadily. Sampras displayed some fairly unusual aggressive behaviours, and I, quite frankly, thought he might truly be “crazy”. He has proven to be quite a complicated case, and if it were not for Nathan, I am fairly certain he would have come to an untimely end. Nathan quickly established that the bizarre behaviours Sampras was exhibiting actually only occurred in very specific circumstances, and they made perfect sense to Sampras in his own mind. Although he is going to be a lifelong project, and will always have to be carefully managed, without Nathan I could have not turned things around, regained my confidence, and learned when I can and cannot trust my dog. I really do love my dog, and will be ever grateful to Nathan that I did not have to make a terrible decision. Nathan’s continued encouragement, optimism, and positive attitude throughout were invaluable, and made a very stressful time so much easier for me.


Retriever "Titan"

Titan is a handsome 20 month old German shepherd. He is great with people and generally well behaved. When he was about 8 months old, we noticed that he played nicely with other dogs off leash but was exhibiting very unfriendly behaviour towards other dogs on leash during walks around our neighbourhood. We thought it was just because he was young. He would bark, pull on his leash to get to the other dog, whine, and sometimes growl. I was the only one who would walk him! When this behaviour did not cease, we became very concerned. My kids refused to walk him for fear of what he would do if they met up with another dog. I voiced my concerns to another dog owner (owns a shepherd female) in my community and she told me about Nathan Penny. I contacted Nathan and within days, he came to our home. We spent hours talking about Titan, his experiences, his training, and he even went out with Titan and me to observe him on a walk. Then Nathan put together a training plan for me to follow and I was to report back to him weekly on Titan’s progress. I have been working with Titan using Nathan’s plan for the last 7 months, and he is doing great. He no longer barks or growls every time he sees a dog while on walks, and he doesn’t pull me across the street to get to the other dog. Even my kids and my husband are beginning to walk him around the neighbourhood on weekends. I really appreciated Nathan’s advice, expertise, and most of all his words of encouragement. I still email Nathan with questions, concerns, and progress reports and he always gets back to me promptly. I am so very glad I contacted him! I am still working with Titan on improving his behaviour, but just the other day I emailed Nathan telling him about the morning that I took Titan for a walk. We came across a dog that went nuts when he saw Titan across the street. The other dog was growling, barking, pulling at the leash to get to Titan. Titan however, just looked at it, trotted beside me, and looked to me for his treats. He sure has come a long way. Thank you, Nathan.


Retriever "Johnny"

To give a little background in my situation I think would be helpful to understand my dogs issues and why we chose the course of action that Nathan and I took. Johnny a 21 month old Golden Retriever is a very energetic, excitable dog. He had had a few situations where another dog had entered his territory and he responded by attacking him. This situation was brewing for months where this dog would come over from next door and tease Johnny and his sister. Both my dogs live in the country so are not exposed to other dogs. So his behaviour became unpredictable for me and I needed to identify what the problem was. Through Nathan's thorough and detailed account of Johnny and his behaviour we determined Johnny was most likely fear aggressive. As I went through the process of the 4 step plan " Counter conditioning " I learned more about my dog and his behaviour. Allowing Johnny time to learn and more importantly I learned what my job and responsibilities were in teaching him allowed for success. I also discovered that Johnny was territorial aggressive not fear aggressive. More importantly I was pleasantly surprised by his attentiveness and non aggressive behaviour when socialized more. What he needed was to experience different environments with people and dogs. So the more we got out and applied Nathan's principles the better he got. Taking him to doggy day care and Obedience classes was challenging more for his unbounded energy than his willingness to learn. I am so grateful for Nathan guiding me through this process, answering concerns I had along the way and allowing me to adapt to what was happening in my situation. Johnny and I have a new relationship where we share alot more outings and I feel confident his behaviour is acceptable and I feel more in control of the outcome. To have someone guide me through what has been proven successful, makes owning a dog a more joyful experience. I highly recommend the services of Nathan to anyone who is needing guidance identifying a problem because most assuredly Nathan will have a solution.


Retriever "Pita"

Our 8 year old Shih Tzu, PITA, was afraid of everyone and everything and showed his fear by agression and barking too much. It wasn't too much of a problem until 2 events occured: we had grandchildren and we moved into an apartment. With these events he became more and more agressive both with the grandchildren and with the people and other animals in the building and barked far too much. I didn't want him to live out the rest of his life in fear nor did I want him to injure our grandchildren, so I asked our vet for a referral and she gave me Nathan's name. I called Nathan immediately for a consultation. When he came to our home he observed PITA's behaviour and spoke at length with us giving us a few suggestions for behaviour modification and training aids along the way. The next day I received a plan for helping to train PITA so that he would feel more secure around people and animals. I began his training right away while I waited for the aids to arrive. The difference was almost immediate! He began to be quieter and less upset when we encountered people and animals. Once the aids arrived the difference was amazing! He no longer barks at everything and willlingly goes into his X-pen when the grandchildren are here. He is quiet and calm and seems to be able to almost enjoy their antics. As a matter of fact, several times we haven't been able to find him and he is sitting in his pen waiting for a treat! He now walks past people and animals as if they aren't even there! He never makes a sound in the elevator and sits quietly when I stop to speak with people. People in the building can't believe the change in him and have asked how we did it. I am very happy to give credit where credit is due and let them know what a difference Nathan has made in PITA's and our lives. Our family can't believe that he is the same dog because he isn't jumping all over them and growling at the babies. I would, and have, recommended Nathan to everyone, including our vet and pet owners that I have met in the vet's office. Thank you Nathan for giving us and PITA our lives back!

Dianne and Ron

Retriever "Silkenn"

Hi Nathan,

I just wanted to write you a short note to Thank You for the help you gave me with Silkenn 4 years ago. Even though all my friends said she was relieving herself on my bed because "cats are vindictive" and "she's mad at me" I always knew that wasn't the case and that I could LOVE her through the process. Immediately after meeting with you the problems dissolved and I don't feel she's experiencing as much separation anxiety anymore and I know how to ensure her digestive system is working properly for her (encouraging lots of water and hours of playtime).

Our relationship is repaired and we are both content. I only wish I had called you before spending over $1000 myself on different foods, medications and vet bills trying to figure out how to change her behavior.

Thank You SO MUCH!

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help, other than the word of mouth - I tell ALL my pet-friends about you and how it was much cheaper and easier to work with you than the vet for behavior problems, and the results were FAST!


Retriever "Flint"

Dear Nathan:

I am writing this letter to let you know that with persistance we have followed the program that you developed for our Jack Russell Terrier with some fear aggression behaviours. We are pleased that there have been no further altercations between the two dogs and life is much better. Your support over the past 7 months has been very helpful. You have been very quick to respond to our questions and provide feedback that have helped us advance the program and reach our goals. We were not optimistic at the onset due to our dogs advancing age, but the program has been successful. We are still seeing improvement in his behaviour, he is much less anxious and he seems to be happier. Again many thanks for your support and advise.

Catherine and Charles

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