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About Dorothy, MSc.

Animal Behaviorist Dorothy Litwin holds a BA Honours in Psychology from York University and a Masters Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Guelph but her career started many years before when as a little girl in her native Poland she was always bringing home all manner of stray, lost or injured animal, knew every dog and cat in the neighbourhood, and even trained her first dog utilizing techniques from a Soviet era training manual!

There was initially a detour into the corporate world but the call of the once-wild-but-now-domesticated was too strong to resist, and she decided that a career helping animals was where she needed to be.
Dorothy went back to school, started up a very successful companion animal care business and eventually mentored under a noted animal behaviourist. This combination of ............has provided Dorothy with the knowledge and experience to help hundreds of dogs and cats, and a few humans as well live better lives.

She has presented on topics in animal behvaviour, serves as an expert witness in court and represented legal matters involving aggression. Worked on legal matters pertaining to dog aggression. She also evaluates dogs and cats for the St. John's Ambulance Pet Therapy Program.


Leasing with evidence based and welfare centred approaches to resolution and improved connections between animals and the humans that love them.

Foster mom to cats and dogs. Rescued many along the way. Currently shares her home with three rescue dogs, Gemma, Ruby (Greece), and Leni (India). The gang is managed by Lola, rescued grey tabby. 

Many issues to solve over the years. Multi dog home, multi species home, reactivity on leash, resourcee guarding, separation anxiety, handling issues, noise phobias, counter surfing, interspecies relations out of the box urination



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